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Friday, September 30, 2011

Review of "lushfarm" by Little Comments Blog

Lushfarm is the new self titled album by…Lushfarm. Their sound, while a little bit scattered, as been narrowed down by singer Craig Taylor (thanks for the email Craig) as ‘early 90s rock’. It offers a slice of individualism with the rest of 2011s material by bringing back the qualities of the 90s, instead of the 80s, like so.many.albums have done.

If you like Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Staind (no offence guys) and just some feel good solid rock songs; this is the album for you. It has moments of being loud, and quiet, fast and slow, straight forward and mysterious. It’s a good all rounder, making sure to put at least one piece of furniture in each corner of the room. But all decoration metaphors aside, this is a good album.

Loneliness begins the album with a nice and simple acoustic riff, shortly after joined by drums which sound amazingly raw, the sombre vocal of Taylor, and the shy addition of an electric guitar. The verses are very soft and nice, but be prepared for chorus. The electric guitar bursts all shyness apart and completely tears apart any safe emotions, and instead thrusts it into a rockin’ anthem. The definitive part of the track is when the chorus continues and is joined by a great solo which sinks nicely into the wall of distortion, and it just sounds awesome. What a fantastic way to introduce an album.

There are no songs which boast only two minutes, but Lushfarm is an album that does not overstay its welcome. The three minutes tracks maintain a decent amount of energy, and offer a nice break in between their longer neighbours, but even then the neighbours keep and infact generate their own momentum too. Hey Mister is the shortest track featured, and uses a saxophone as its trophy piece, confirming that the variety used is great too.

Overall, this is an album that anybody who was born or grew up in the 90s should listen to. It gives a great idea of what the music sounded like back then, without copying any Nirvana stuff either! Which is great, and even if it sounds like a decade that was two decades ago now, it gives off a fresh smell, which is a great way to remember the 90s.

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