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About lushfarm

lushfarm has no "story." They didn't drive mopeds across the country to make it big, spending their last few dollars on 7-11 hot dogs. They don't make family and personal issues public in order to create a post-modern mythology. There's no great tragedy from whose ashes they've risen.

lushfarm is a hard working band that has deep roots in the local music scene. While it is thriving, Baltimore is saturated with music, so it is tough to stand out without doing something outwardly visual, over-the-top, or avant-garde musically. Frustrated by the gimmicks—and let's face it, trying  out a few themselves over the last 7 years—lushfarm now concerns itself with writing great rock songs. Despite how the songs may seem on the surface, underneath them all there's a bittersweet solemnness, layers of sincerity behind apparent sarcasm, and most of all a desperate cry to anyone that believes in the human spirit.

The irony thing is getting old. You can see it in the next generation of musicians. You can hear it on the radio. lushfarm has been playing the sincerity card for a long time without succumbing to the same old tropes. They aren't interested in exaggerating their personal histories in order to pull on the heart strings of would-be listeners. As tired as it may sound, they want their music to speak for itself.


Craig Taylor - Guitar/Vocals

Greg Binney - Drums/Catch phrases

Gregory Anderson - Bass/Dry humor