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Monday, May 21, 2012

slimm j whitey productions (the weekend)

we had an awesome time Friday and Saturday nights. Chapala's was awesome as always. saw some people from high school and it wasn't insanely awkward (only slightly), met some cool new people and rocked it.  Saturday was surprisingly awesome for a few reasons: first, Red Palace totally kicks ass and is way different than the old Red & Black with a big stage and great sound; second, the bands we played with (Molehill from Chicago and The Dirty Jacks from Rockville) were really cool and great dudes.  they also brought out the entire crowd that night (we only had a week to promote, okay? GAWD!)

so binney and i went up to Royal Farms Friday night at 3am with suge (binney's 120lb german shepperd) and there was this pair of dudes in there (one of whom was shirtless and all tatted up) who were yelling at the girl behind the counter.  binney went in and i was standing outside trying to control this huge beast and talking to this towney kid who immediately tosses out a few "N" words.  binney comes out with a pack of smokes and the dudes are still in there acting tough.  we talk to the kid while maintaining a good view of what's going on inside.  eventually the dudes walk out, still acting tough, and with one of the Royal Farms workers on their heels, telling them to get the hell out of there.  we ask what happened and she said something like the guy just got in a fight with his brother and he was all pissed off.  so they drive off and binney and i are there with this kid, who finds out we're in a band and tells us his name is Slimm J Whitey (it's really Justin).  he shows us his confederate flag belt buckle and assures us "It's about heritage, not hate."  to my great delight he refrains from using the "N" word again.  the cops roll up in a paddy wagon and we tell them the dudes went south in a Ford and one of them was shirtless.  binney tells the girl that if they'd needed it, he would have let suge loose on the perps.  Justin tells us about his production company that he's trying to start.  we tell him about our band.  then we leave.

Saturday night we did the same thing except i went in to get food and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

anyway, we're playing Sowebo Arts & Music Festival next Sunday, May 27th.  we go on at 1pm on the Market Stage.  more info here: http://www.soweboarts.org/festival.html

<3 craig