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Friday, June 29, 2012

new jersey, part 2

once again, new jersey showed us a great time wednesday night!  the brighton show was a success, despite the fact that some 19 year old kid decided to heckle us.  he kept saying "you guys suck!" after every song.  i mean, to each his own, but after 4 times i kinda got the feeling that he was just saying it to be a dick.  but it did make a bunch of people turn around and watch us.  whether or not people staring at us like a deer in headlights is a good thing or not is yet to be seen, but at least they were watching!  the heckler got kicked out after our set and the owner called the cops on him because he would just leave in peace.  instead of leaving the kid just sat in his car until the police came.  turns out he had a bottle of vodka in his car.  the police made him pour it out and told him to get lost.  lucky break i guess!  some sort of strange karma thing happened where he was a dick to us, but it got us more attention, so in turn the owner kicked him out, but because he inadvertently did us a solid, the cops let him go.  i'll stop being so meta now.  next show isn't until the end of July when we head down to North Carolina for a few shows and then back up to Chapala's for an amazing bill (Alright, Junior (PA), Time Colums, Escape Artist and Mooks) on the 27th.  we're going to write and demo some new songs, which we will hopefully be recording by the end of summer.  i also want to work on our epic documentary "Behind the Farm," but we'll see how that goes... later y'allz.