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Monday, July 30, 2012

tour blog from tour.. a blog's blog.

so tour was excellent!  the drive down was a piece of cake, and we arrived at the cave a few hours early.  there were two little chihuahuas on the bar when we walked in, which was sweet.  we just let them know we had arrived in town and then got food at Carolina Brewery (IPA was wonderful!)  our set went well, although we weren't really feeling it for the first few songs.. we had to fill an hour and a half, and people kept walking in and out of the place.  not really sure if we were too loud or what, but after my good friend's from home bought us all tequila shots, the set picked up.  afterwards we went to durham to hang at Full Steam, which is a huge brewery/space.  durham bars are pretty fucking awesome, they are generally large warehouse spaces converted in to brewery/bar/common space where people can hang and play ping pong or Wii bowling or whatever.  definitely want to revisit that part of town.  also, saw this sexual lowrider scooter outside Full Steam:

we slept at our good friend Jeff's house (drummer of Hammer No More the Fingers) and eventually woke up and got food at Foster's (great coffee, good food).  then we went back and watched Instrument, a doco about Fugazi, and then went back out to eat at Cosmic Cantina.. THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD ON THE PLANET.  while that is their words on their sign, i must admit that it was some damn good food.  oh, we also had an acoustic practice at Jeff's while he was at work, gearing up for our DC show.  that definitely helped.  here's a picture of a random instrument on jeff's wall:

the Kraken in Chapel Hill was probably the biggest pleasant surprise of the whole trip.  it was a small bar, but the venue space was definitely ample.  it had decent sound and the people were good, and they got us drunk for free and a little gas money besides.  it was a bit out of the way, but i'm really glad we got to play there, even if it was an open mic.  Gregory, the guy running the open mic, was a sweet dude as well, definitely worth checking out Thursday's there.  here's a video of Jeff playing some intense bluegrass guitar.  we tried to get Joe (guitar from HNMTF) to play, but he was tuckered out.

so yeah, that was north carolina. the Chapala show in Burtonsville went really well too.  except the fact that we had to play last, and there were 6 bands on the bill... big ups to Mooks and Alright, Junior for actually sticking around for our set.  (the fact that people get props for that is kinda depressing actually, it should be pretty standard for a band to stay for the entire show that they were fortunate enough to have booked) but yeah, big thanks as always to chapala's staff and John Angel!

DC was pretty cool.. i'm glad that there are smaller venues opening up for up and coming bands.  Axum Level X Lounge has potential, decent sized bar, decent PA.  it's really small though so playing acoustic was actually pretty perfect.  just get your drinks from upstairs.  binney ordered a rum and coke from the downstairs bar and the woman was like, "we don't have rum."  the bartender upstairs was great though, kudos Fawn!

anyway that's all.  this is probably the most boring thing you've ever read.  but hey, at least i managed to displace Walden on a top 10 list.