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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas! "Dead at 30" back online

in celebration of our first album, "Dead at 30," we have put it back up on our site in its entirety so you can stream for free. the album title actually came from a popular end-of-the-world mythology--if the world ends tomorrow, and i [craig] die, i will be dead at 30. furthermore, the song 2012 is obviously titled after an apocalyptic scenario, but it's really about the decline of humanity over time. do i believe the world will end tomorrow? no. would it surprise me if it did? not at all.

and when you think about it, isn't the world "ending" really just the end of human life? we're the only creatures dumb enough to think the world was "put" here solely for us. it would be a rebirth, and the earth could finally begin restoring itself from the hearty raping we've given it the last few hundred years.

Merry Christmas! and get high.