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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

up and coming

SO. craig is flying out to seattle next week to visit friends, and it just so happens that Val of Thee The The fame will be there at the same time and she graciously set up a show and invited craig on the bill. so THAT'S happening.

last week was great. thursday at the whiskey was kicked off by a couple super talented youngsters that call themselves Graveyard Kids (not to be confused with THE Graveyard Kids from Brooklyn) who are in the process of putting out a full length which we will be very happy about listening to, and the show ended with one of Baltimore's longest running rock bands Landspeedrecord! who are still kicking ass and taking names and being very friendly towards us which is awesome.

then friday we returned to New Jersey on a wet East Coast night to slog our gear through puddles and rediscover warmth in the endearingly dirty Brighton Bar where we were greeted with open ears by people who still remember rock and roll, not only as a musical style but as a lifestyle, and they were happy to hear new music, especially ours, and we got drunk off cheap booze served by the friendliest of people and played a super energetic headlining set and luckily by the time we loaded out the rain abated and we sped sleepily back down home and were in bed before sunrise.

after a stint in seattle, we are playing a full-band show in DC's Velvet Lounge on Saturday, Feb. 9th, and then the next day we are HEADED INTO THE STUDIO to begin recording our THIRD FULL LENGTH ALBUM! we're terribly excited. terribly. we will have more details, videos, pics, and a KICKSTARTER campaign coming out for the album soon, so pay close attention!