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Friday, May 31, 2013

album title... EXPLAINED!

the new album title came from a dream i had.. (cheesy 70s hazy effect warshes over the screen)

on an outpost thing in the middle of the ocean with my brother. almost like the deck of a ship, or something from waterworld. everything is made of wood. waves are mildly crashing into the sides below. the sky above is a very dark purple, almost black, and the wind picks up treacherously. somehow, my brother falls in. one minute he was looking out towards the dark horizon, and the next he teeters over the edge and into the water. i look in horror as he’s dragged out to sea. my heart pounds and i don't know what to do. his wife is there in a leather tunic and skirt with an archer’s hat. without thinking she jumps in after him. i mentally prepare myself to jump in if she fails. she gets to him immediately and begins towing him over to a boat ramp on the edge of the outpost. relieved i start making my way down there to help her pull him in. from a distance he sort of looks blue in the face, but i can’t really tell. once my feet start getting wet i realize my iphone is in my pocket so i scramble back to take it out and place it on a dry post. i wade down into the hip deep water and help her pull my brother up. he is sprawled out on the boat ramp. he looks fine, just very bewildered. i put my hand on his leg to calm him and look up and see a baby sitting on the dock. it’s their son (which they do not have yet). he looks at me with a now calm and purple pink sky in the background, and says in a young child’s voice, “the sushi was a waste of nighttime.” then i wake up.