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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a note to our fans, and everyone else

we are recording beautiful new music right now with the talented Noel Scott White at his amazing new studio in Annapolis, Hudson Street Sound. this is lining up to be our best recording to date, of our best songs to date. we are so grateful and amazed that we could make it this long as a band. we've had so many member changes, great shows, terrible shows, times when we all wanted to fight each other, times when we all bonded like the brothers we are. through it all, it's ALWAYS been about the music. we never wanted to be hipsters, we never wanted to be tattooed rocker dudes, we never wanted to force ourselves into any genre.. we wanted, and will always want, to embrace ALL genres, all different people, whether it be hipsters or rockers or ravers or just plain old PEOPLE. people with jobs, people with families, people with problems, people with concerns, people with nothing but light in their lives, people that struggle. we're here for all of you. we don't care what your background is, who you associate with, what you call yourself. if you love music, or if you aren't sure if the music you like is "good," or if you think rock is dead, or if you don't think much at all about music, we know that there is at least one song we've written, one line, one riff, that you can connect to. we don't want to subvert you, we just want to create the best music with the talents we've worked at over this last half of a decade and give you the chance to experience our sound, our souls, and let us satiate the thing inside you that makes you appreciate life and music. we truly love and respect all life, all art, all things.

thank you.