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Monday, February 11, 2013

review of Saturday's show! 2/9/2013 @ Velvet Lounge

last saturday was flippin unbelievable.  so many people came out and saw us play.  very very awesome.  Pity Rally and The Dead Women were both wonderful, musically and personally.  AND we got a good review from our friend David Hintz of the DC ROCK LIVE blog!

here's our write up from David:

lushfarm - This Baltimore trio has a certain heaviness to a post-indie sound that is quite endearing. They have a touch of bombast and bravado with the vocals and guitar at times as if Sebadoh was covering Muse. They keep it low key at other times and handle these contrasts quite well. They quipped they 'are the surviving members of Pearl Jam' and that is another hint to their sound, as if the Pearl Jam guys were still fighting for indie cred by going undercover at clubs like the Velvet Lounge. The 40ish minute set was filled with highlights and the overall sound kept the interest of this very full room. Yet another Baltimore band to keep an eye on, and they are recording so hopefully they will be back to promote a new album sometime soon.

Quote of the Day: From lushfarm...
Guitarist - "We have nother 35 songs for you"
Drummer - "17 more, we already did 14 (pause) uh, it's too complicated." 

view the full review here.